Local Press

28.03.2011, Video published by TeleTicino


28.03.2011, La Rivista Locarno

Sogno e bisogno della vita quotidiana - Intervista al prof. Bruno Siciliano: "I robot sono con noi, dentro di noi e tra noi." [in English: Dreams and needs of everyday life - Interview with prof. Bruno Siciliano: "Robots are...[more]

24.02.2011, Article and video published by hyperraum.tv

Fest im Griff: Wie Justins Hände funktionieren[more]

29.09.2010, Pressemitteilung zum 3. Workshop des DEXMART Projekts am 6. Oktober 2010

Wie stark darf eine Roboterhand sein, um ein rohes Ei greifen zu können?[more]

19.04.2010, Diretta News

Marhu Z e Justin: l’ora dei robot domestici è arrivata [in English: Marhu Z and Justin: the time of domestic robots has come]


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Double strike in one day 16.12.2013

What an incredible coincidence: two Ex-DEXMARTians were awarded on the very same day!

Best scientific computer science PhD thesis of 2012 01.08.2013

Prize for Sven Schmidt-Rohr of Karlsruhe University, Germany