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29.02.2008, Coffee-making humanoid demonstrated in Italy is actually German

Update on news from 21.02.2008 - "Update: Coffee-making humanoid demonstrated in Italy is actually German"[more]

21.02.2008, Italian Scientists Unveil Coffee-Making Robot

Putting EU money to good use[more]

21.02.2008, Italy Unveils coffee-making robot

Italy unveiled a coffee-making robot built with European Union partners.[more]

21.02.2008, Italian Robot makes your coffee, picks up your clothes

Automaton - IEEE Spectrum´s blog on robots and other silicon-brained contraptions[more]

20.02.2008, JUSTIN il robot. Il caffe’ e’ servito

Presentato il primo robot capace di preparare il caffè[more]

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Double strike in one day 16.12.2013

What an incredible coincidence: two Ex-DEXMARTians were awarded on the very same day!

Best scientific computer science PhD thesis of 2012 01.08.2013

Prize for Sven Schmidt-Rohr of Karlsruhe University, Germany