CNRS, France

LAAS (Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes, 530 persons) is a research unit of the French CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) associated with Toulouse Universities and Schools (UPS, INP, INSA). Its domains are Automatic Control, Computer Science, Microelectronics, and Robotics.

The RIS group (« Robotique et InteractionS ») is active in research on intelligent and autonomous robotic systems and is involved in several European and industrial projects. The group performs research on environment perception and representations, motion planning and control, planning and temporal reasoning, learning, robot decisional architectures, human-robot cooperation, robot navigation in indoors or natural environment, including aerial robots. The group has been involved in several FP5 and FP6 EU projects such as EGERIS, COMETS, OROCOS, CAMERA, COGNIRON, PHRIENDS, URUS, EURON and collaborative contracts with public institutions and private companies.


  Team leader

     Daniel Sidobre (Université Paul Sabatier)



     WP2 leader


  Main tasks

     human aware manipulation: models, planning and experiments
     manipulation planning
     online time planning and monitoring of control sequences
     benchmarking and experiments

Contact CNRS
Dr. Daniel Sidobre
Avenue Col. Roche 7
31044/4 Toulouse, France


Double strike in one day 16.12.2013

What an incredible coincidence: two Ex-DEXMARTians were awarded on the very same day!

Best scientific computer science PhD thesis of 2012 01.08.2013

Prize for Sven Schmidt-Rohr of Karlsruhe University, Germany