Welcome to DEXMART

"DEXMART" is an acronym and stands for "DEXterous and autonomous dual-arm/hand robotic manipulation with sMART sensory-motor skills: A bridge from natural to artificial cognition". DEXMART is a large-scale integrating project which is funded under the European Community's 7th Framework Programme. The project started on the 1st of February, 2008 and will last for four years.


DEXMART has the ambition to fill the gap between the use of robots in industrial environments and the use of future robots in everyday human and unstructured environments, contributing to reinforce European competitiveness in all those domains of personal and service robotics where dexterous and autonomous dual-hand manipulation capabilities are required.

After four years of great work, DEXMART is now over!
The DEXMARTians would like to say farewell!



To see the impressive results DEXMART has produced, have a look at this 1-minute portrait video>>>

Double strike in one day 16.12.2013

What an incredible coincidence: two Ex-DEXMARTians were awarded on the very same day!

Best scientific computer science PhD thesis of 2012 01.08.2013

Prize for Sven Schmidt-Rohr of Karlsruhe University, Germany